‘This Is It’ (2009) – A Fitting Tribute To Michael Jackson

This Is It (2009) – A Fitting Tribute To Michael Jackson

The documentary This Is It (2009), which is based on the behind the scene footage of Michael Jackson’s much-awaited This Is It tour before the misfortune almost shocked the entire music world, is a fitting tribute to the pop legend.

For everyone, who wanted to see more of Jackson, this is probably one of the rarest and well-documented shows that display the passion of this iconic persona towards music and dance.

In the entire film, you will see some of his foot-tapping numbers with on-stage rehearse alongside a huge team of singers, dancers, musicians, and technicians. Director Kenny Ortega compiled a huge chunk of an epic filmed set – pieced along with interviews of singers, dancers, and crew members to give it a more emotional touch. Nevertheless, bringing alive Jackson onscreen is itself a phenomenon.

With This Is It, the entire world gets an opportunity to get glimpses of that much talked about and already sold-out concert that would have been taken place in London’s O2 Arena on July 8, 2009. The show never happened, as Jackson died shortly before, from an overdose of propofol and benzodiazepine, after a cardiac arrest on June 25.

To no one’s surprise, the concert which was set for 50 performances was originally conceived for only 10, but the tickets were sold in just less than an hour, hence prompting the organizers for additional 40 performances.

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For the director of the movie, who was also the director of the concert, one of the challenges for creating such a documentary, I believe, must be to edit down 120 long hours of rehearsal footage into a two-hour-long feature-length documentary.

This film has everything for the die-hard fans of MJ. You will see Jackson performing the same song again and again on different days and in different clothes. It certainly shows the dedication of a 50-year-old artist to give his best when the time comes.

The concert film This Is It presents some of Jackson’s biggest hits, including Thriller, Billie Jean, Man In The Mirror, and others. All the more, the film is all about Jackson’s joy of performance and his artistic passion that is ought to be watched. And finally, the effort to bring everything together and put it onscreen is amazing and praiseworthy.

Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ – Movie Trailer

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