Arbor Demon (Enclosure) (2016) – Into the mystery of the woods


Arbor Demon (Original Title – Enclosure) is a tension filled modern age horror drama, set in the mystery of the woods, that keeps you on the edge of your seat with enough thrill and horror.

Arbor Demon is a warning to everyone who every now and then prefers to go deep into the woods for adventure or simply for the purpose of having a good time with friends and family. There are definitely other options, but if any of us enjoy such outing inside a forest, please go to a known or regular one on the travel map. You never know what lies inside the woods to welcome you to the darkest secrets.

This slick horror film Arbor Demon starts with married couple Dana and Charles who are in the middle of their happy and not so happening life, when Charles leaves his job as a paramedic to pursue his dream to go on a tour with his band. Dana on the other side gets to know that she is pregnant, but she has not shared the news with Charles as according to him, they are not the usual couple to have kids.

Nevertheless, with mixed feelings both of them decide to go on a camping trip to celebrate their anniversary and reconnect, before they part ways for six months. As they venture into the jungle, Dana gets the vibe of something weird but they proceed and set up their tent, in the middle of the dark and dense nature, but later couldn’t sleep for long as some local hunters keep partying and shooting guns until late.

As we start thinking more about the plot and possibilities of the story, something in the woods attacked and killed most of the hunters within no time. This rings the panic bell and the couple doesn’t not prefer to move out of their tent. They later rescue an injured survivor but he it seems is more interested to take get out of the tent than sit and help the couple.

The film started out really promising and engaging, but somehow in the middle the director and the story takes an unexpected turn with the introduction of strange human elements. While I must say that this is not amongst the best horror movies, Arbor Demon at least gives you the chills in more occasion than pushing you into boredom.

Director Patrick Rea has succeeded in filming this in minimalist set and still bringing out the thrill and horror. Fiona Dourif as Dana delivered a praiseworthy performance with emotions that are apt for a claustrophobic atmosphere in the woods. The supporting cast is also very intelligently used. Arbor Demon is much better than any recent studio horror movies. It is all filled with tension, terror and mystery.

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Genres: Horror, Thriller

Actor: Fiona Dourif, Kevin Ryan, Jake Busey, Rob Bouton, Bruce Williamson, Michelle Mills

Director: Patrick Rea

Production: Black Bear Studios, Producer Capital Fund

Release Year: 2016



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