Ventana invites you to the dream world of Disney


Watch Ventana – a beautiful short film created by Walt Disney Animation Studios Summer Interns 2017.

In the world of animation, one name stands tall and i.e. Disney. The Walt Disney Animation Studios has been known for its motion pictures that are benchmarks in setting standards for animation.

The Talent Development program in Disney gives an opportunity to the enthusiast animators and storyteller in refining their skills and understanding how they make films.

The recent one and half minutes short film Ventana offers the dream to many who want to join the animation studio in an internship program. The film is created by few interns in collaboration, and the sketching looks amazing with typical Disney visuals.

Nevertheless, who doesn’t want to work with the likes of Disney and Pixar! Just the way watching a Disney movie is an experience, doing an internship or working with such big studios under experienced mentors would be a wonderful experience. So, best of luck to everyone who gets this opportunity!

Watch the beautiful short Ventana below

Talking a little more about the movie Ventana, it has already been shared and liked by million times on Facebook, and many have expressed wish to watch it as a feature length movie. The story what we could understand from the glimpses talks about the dream world of a little girl.

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With beautiful animation and music, this animated short film follows the little girl who finds magic in a map when an illuminating dragon appears from the map and encourages her to leave the home, where she seems to have been trapped.  

As shared in a Disney blog post, one of the interns Apollonia: “Brian (Brian Kesinger, a head of story at Disney Animation who was one of this year’s mentors on the project) gave me a basic outline saying, here’s a little girl, here’s the environment, here’s a 2D dragon that appears only on the surfaces of the map. So he gave me the rules of the world, and the age that this girl was, but it was like a sandbox. He explained it as wanting to give us a good sandbox to build a world.”

Well, this is for the first time that Disney has released an animated short film to the public. No doubt, young artists like Apollonia are the future of the animation industry, who will certainly entertain us in the near future with exceptional stories and onscreen art. Wishing them good luck!

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