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Final Girl movie poster
Renowned photographer and music video director Tyler Shields’ directorial debut Final Girl although looks slick and stylish in trailer, lacks content to be an engaging thriller. Abigail Breslin who got an Oscar nomination for Little Miss Sunshine is in lead as Veronica, a shy and vulnerable girl who can be the easy target of a group of teenage boys who first lure girls and then hunt them down just for sport. 

The movie starts with child Veronica in chat with Wes Bentley’s character William who is in search for a girl whom he can train and send after those boys. So, Veronica is here the assassin-in-training who is chosen to kill those boys as William’s revenge for the murder of his wife. As she gets to meet those boys in the end, unsurprisingly she turns the table on them to be the final girl those boys can hurt.

The story is really very simple and at no point there is any suspense or subtext to it. The name itself is pretty revealing but then it could have been bit more than simply those killings by exploring the context and characterization. There is no explanation of the secret organization which is actually behind those killings or the reason behind, other than an outlook of psychotic characters. 

Moreover, there is no such background story to Willam who in the beginning only explain that he wanted to take revenge on those boys. There was no explanation on his talent or how he was able to give so much training to Veronica. In the end, Breslin never looks so tough to be a hit girl. Overall, Final Girl is a half-baked story with no soul in it.

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Genre: Action, Thriller
Starring: Abigail Breslin (Academy Award nominee), Alexander Ludwig, Wes Bentley, Logan Huffman, Michael Trevino, Connor Paolo, and Francesca Eastwood Directed by: Tyler Shields
Final Girl (2015) Movie Poster
Final Girl (2015) Movie Poster



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