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Trauzeugen (2023): A Hilarious Tale of Love and Chaos

In ‘Trauzeugen’ (2023), a divorce lawyer and a couple’s therapist team up to rescue a friend’s wedding, unraveling funny errors and discovering unexpected connections. The film premieres on September 14, 2023. Movie Synopsis He is a divorce lawyer; she is a couple’s therapist: Jakob (Edin Hasanovic) and Marie (Almila Bagriacik) are fundamentally different. She saves […]

The Strange House: A Fun-Filled Family Horror Film

The new supernatural horror film The Strange House (aka The Scary House) is one of those many predictable haunted house tales but with a good vibe with kids playing the lead. Based on the children’s book by Martina Wildner, it is a German-language movie from Austria with the original title Das schaurige Haus. Directed by […]

Kidnapping Stella (2019) – Movie Review

Directed by Thomas Sieben, Netflix’s “Kidnapping Stella” is a German movie that follows the kidnapping of a girl and how she manages to come out of the clutches of the two of her masked kidnappers. In the beginning, we see two guys named Vic and Tom (we get to know the names later in the […]

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