Bearhug Productions Announces Mystery Film ‘Paydert’

Bearhug Productions Announces Mystery Film 'Paydert'

Bearhug Productions is thrilled to announce the opening of “Paydert,” a mystery, drama, and suspense film. The movie features an ensemble cast led by David Pyles as Chris, Sherida Suggs as Kenya, and renowned actress Taral Hicks.

“Paydert” is the latest work by visionary filmmaker, writer, and director James Jones Jr., who is noted for his remarkable storytelling abilities. Jones, who is from Greenville, North Carolina, hopes to build on the popularity of his first film, “Freedom of NC,” released in 2021.

In “Paydert,” audiences will be immersed in the captivating story of the Noble family, a young Atlanta-based family who relocates to rural Eastern North Carolina in quest of their dream home on Paydert Street. The story takes a terrifying turn when they encounter creepy and mysterious paranormal activities within their new home. As their disturbing encounters intensify, the Nobles discover the disturbing history of their home, a former plantation house with a tragic past.

James Jones Jr. is excited to introduce American Actress and Singer Taral Hicks to the project. Hicks, recognized for her roles in acclaimed films like “A Bronx Tale” and “The Preacher’s Wife,” takes on the role of the local historian. With a diverse array of roles in both film and television, Hicks is a perfect fit for “Paydert.”

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Inspired by a true story, “Paydert” delves into a dramatic storyline that intertwines riveting twists and turns with a poignant family history. The central theme of the film is the significant influence of the past on shaping the future.

Jones aims to produce a diverse, rich, compelling, and enriching media to express the truths of the people and events that will tell a narrative that hasn’t yet been told.

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