“Heir of the Witch”: Unleashing Darkness

“Heir of the Witch”: Unleashing Darkness

In the upcoming horror movie “Heir of the Witch,” Anna, a poor seamstress haunted by her past, searches for love and acceptance in high society. But she is in danger of being consumed by her evil roots and a grandmother’s witchcraft curse.

Anna struggles with the horrors perpetrated upon her by her grandmother, a wicked witch, as memories of a tragic childhood return. Anna kills her grandmother out of despair, but her grandmother’s soul haunts Anna and forces her to accept her evil destiny.

“Heir of the Witch” will be streaming worldwide on August 4th, 2023. The film is “inspired” by actual events as the grandmother of the writer Victoria Bell was a Moldovan witch.

Watch the trailer here

Victoria is a co-founder and the creative force behind Pasha Entertainment, LLC, where she has worked on numerous projects with various production companies and written, directed, and produced a number of short films. Her first feature picture, “Heir of the Witch,” which Bell recently finished, is scheduled for domestic and international streaming platform release on August 4th, 2023.

From the Director

Heir of the Witch is a story drawn from my personal fears: anxieties and individual experiences. In my youth, I learned to write from my heart and immerse in my deepest feelings and at times was hesitant and ashamed to admit my family’s dark, evil past and reveal my worst nightmares. The story was birthed from my own childhood happenings. My grandmother on my paternal side, was a formidable witch. I was told she sold her soul to the devil and couldn’t die until the spirit of the darkness released her ghost only after she passed the “gift” to someone else. Until this day, we do not know to who she passed this “gift” as we no longer associate with that side of the family for fear of condemnation.”

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