Netflix Anime Series ‘exception’

Netflix Anime Series 'exception'

Based on an original story by Hirotaka Adachi, with character designs by Yoshitaka Amano, ‘exception’ is an original sci-fi space horror anime series. The Netflix series is premiering on October 13th.

The music is composed by world-renowned musician and Academy- and Grammy Award winner Ryuichi Sakamoto.


Humanity has been driven from Earth and forced to relocate its population to another galaxy in the distant future. A scouting team is dispatched to find a planet suitable for terraforming. The crew was created using a biological 3D printer, but due to a system malfunction, one of the crew members, Lewis, emerges deformed. As Lewis turns on his fellow crew members Nina, Mack, Patty, and Oscar, a countdown to the mission’s end begins in the ship’s terrifying darkness.


Cast English and Japanese

Lewis: Nolan North / Chikahiro Kobayashi, Mack: Robbie Daymond / Takahiro Sakurai, Nina: Ali Hillis / Yuko Kaida, Oscar: Eugene Byrd / Takanori Hoshino, Patty: Nadine Nicole / Atsumi Tanezaki

Original Story, Screenplay: Hirotaka Adachi (Otsuichi)
Director: Yuzo Sato
Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto
Character Design: Yoshitaka Amano
Production: Tatsunoko Production (Bakken Record), Studio 5
Release Date: October 13, 2022

Where to watch exception (2022)
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