Unthinkable (2010) – A Hard-Hitting Suspense Thriller


Recently, I watched this political suspense thriller Unthinkable and would say that this is simply one of the best when you think of something unexpected, something that forced you to face your values, your beliefs, and morality with reality. The story deals with terrorism and the question of how far we all are willing to go to save the lives of millions.

The story goes with when a terrorist (played superbly by Michael Sheen) sends video footage of the whereabouts of some unidentified location where he had planted nuclear bombs in three different cities of America.

You have the CIA interrogation specialist H (played by Samuel L. Jackson) who can go to any extent to get his job done, and then you have an FBI Agent Helen Brody (Carrie – Annie Moss) who is brought in to help the interrogator H.

Unthinkable shows a possibility or even the reality of different security agencies across the world and their working style in dealing with terrorists. On one hand, while H resorts to tactics that are ruthless, torturous, and painful, Agent Brody finds those inhuman and believes that torture never works.

Interestingly, like many other movies based on terrorism, this one doesn’t try to import a terrorist from another country rather someone who happens to be an American, a former nuclear expert who has turned against his country.

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With intense drama and of course some of the scenes which you may find a little more gore, the movie takes you down to that path where you at least question yourself whether actually “the ends justify the means”.

Unthinkable is well directed and full of surprises. Even though all the actors performed brilliantly, the two leads: Jackson as a hard-nosed interrogator and Michael Sheen as a maniacal psychopath are simply brilliant with amazing performances.

The movie is certainly deserved to be seen by all of us just to know or make an attempt to imagine a situation that can force us to take a hard look at our values and self-centered life, and whether they will stand at the time of intense pressure.

As the movie has some intense scenes of violence and the use of insidious language, it is not recommended for kids. Overall, the film Unthinkable is definitely a hard-hitting flick that compels us to think about a few moral and ethical questions.

Here is the ‘Unthinkable’ Movie Trailer

Unthinkable (2010) – A thriller directed by Gregor Jordan and starring Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Sheen in lead.

Directed by Gregor Jordan
Written by Oren Moverman and Peter Woodward
Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Sheen, Carrie-Anne Moss, Brandon Routh, Gil Bellows
Cinematography by Oliver Stapleton
Release Date/Year: June 14, 2010

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