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Read about many award-winning international short films with inspirational and innovative stories.

Swiss Short Film ‘Burnt Fish Fingers’ (2011)

Burnt Fish Fingers (Swiss title Angebrannte Fischstabchen)  is the screen adaption of a short story by Swiss author Milena Moser from her book “Gebrochene Herzen oder Mein erster bis elfter Mord”, directed by Bettina Setz. A young woman drives home from work late in the evening and suddenly recognizes the voice of her flatmate (whom she met […]

La femme et le TGV – Swiss Short Film

La femme et le TGV is a Swiss short film that premiered sometime back in this year’s 69th Locarno Film Festival and some other festivals earlier this year. Inspired by true events, it is a touching story between a lonely woman and a TGV train driver. Actress Jane Birkin is in the leading role. Storyline: Sometimes life […]

An Award-Winning Indian Short Film – ‘City’s Step Child’

Indian short film City’s Step Child and the Dump Hill Dreams by director Pranab K Aich has won yet another international award in the category of short films of the Ministry of the Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic at the International Festival of Sustainable Development Films. City’s Step Child is a multiple international award-winning […]

‘Ahalya’ and ‘Alma’ – Drive the Message Beautifully

It is really interesting to find two short films so similar and good in concept and content, yet different from each other. I’m here talking about recently released Sujoy Ghosh’s short film Ahalya and the 2009-released critically acclaimed creepy animated film “Alma”. The first one has also been well received by netizens ever since its release […]

Tuck Me In (2014) – One Minute Horror Film

What’s the best story you can come up with in a few lines? I guess it’s not always possible but here is Tuck Me In – this year’s winner of FILMINUTE, the international one-minute film festival. Based on an already known story doing rounds on the internet, Tuck Me In has enough to scare you to death. […]

‘Lights Out’ (Short Film) – Provokes Fear Inside You

Unlike most of my friends and siblings, I like horror films a lot. I just want the whole idea behind any horror movie although there are very few impressive ones. One more thing is that other than traditional horror films in cinemas around the world, these days; YouTube has opened an avenue for new filmmakers […]

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