Missing for 248 Days – Short Film (Regional)

Missing for 248 Days – Short Film (Regional)

Missing for 248 Days is a fantasy thriller that keeps you guessing till the end. In fact, a friend of mine suggested this short film this morning which I find interesting, considering the idea and the indie nature of the film. The film is produced by Runway Reel production house which primarily focuses on short format content for digital media.

So, when it comes to thriller and that too with suspense in just a few minutes’ duration, it all boils down to the content. The storyline should be to the point with suspense embedded. Missing for 248 Days to some extent is very much successful in expressing the idea with a decent performance. It is, in fact, the cinematography and music that adds charm to such films without any dialogue.

A short film of this nature from the very beginning allows your mind to think about different possibilities, and the filmmaker usually extends your thought process with a timely thrill. Here in Missing for 248 Days, the director presented the out-of-body experience of a man who was buried and woke up only to find out that he is dead. The execution, if not the best, is very much good in line with any such short film.

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I guess most of us have seen similar concepts in some other movies where someone is dead but the soul after leaving the physical body still believes that she is alive, but only to find out that she is invisible to others and actually dead. 

Missing for 248 Days explores the very idea where a man who comes out of the grave tries to escape from the place but only to find himself in distraught with reality.

Such short films give an opportunity for filmmakers in experimenting with different subjects with a limited budget. In most cases, the makers very successfully produce some of the finest films to watch.

Missing for 248 Days – Indian Short Film
Missing for 248 Days – Indian Short Film
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