‘SEE’ – Set in a world where sight is a myth (Apple Original Series)

‘SEE’ – Set in a world where sight is a myth (Apple TV+ Series)

Written by Steven Knight and directed by Francis Lawrence, the upcoming Apple Original series ‘SEE’ looks all promising at first glance. Looking at the production value, if everything goes well, we can certainly expect an epic in the making.

Set in distant future earth where limited humans have survived a deadly virus attack that has left them blind, we can, for now, say that the series has an intriguing premise, even though we might have a few fundamental questions on the survival of humans without sight.

Let’s first watch the trailer

Watching the trailer, we hear in the narration:

“Centuries from now almost all humans have lost the ability to see. Some believe that sight was taken from them by God to heal the earth. And for the few who remain, vision is only a myth. But after so many years, the power of sight has returned.”

So, humankind has lost sight and people have learned to live without vision. Then something unusual happens; two babies are born with the ability to see. Some in the human community start thinking this in both ways – good and evil.

Those, who think that the newborn would again bring destruction to the world, are in search of the babies to kill, while others think of them as a gift – who will bring knowledge and begin a new world. With this, an epic battle is around the corner.

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Aquaman star Jason Momoa stars as Baba Voss, the father of twins born, who must protect his tribe against a powerful force led by a queen who believes the babies as the product of some witchcraft and hence wants them to be destroyed.

Apple TV Plus' ‘SEE’ will be available for streaming starting November 1, 2019, along with a few more originals from some of the brightest and most creative minds. Click To Tweet
‘SEE’ – Set in a world where sight is a myth (Apple Original Series)
An Apple Original Series ‘SEE‘ – Streaming on November 1

Considering director Francis Lawrence’s earlier projects include Constantine (2005), I Am Legend (2007), the last three of the Hunger Games film series, and the 2018-released Red Sparrow we can certainly expect an exciting series.

Moreover, the creator of SEE — English screenwriter Steven Knight is also known for tv and web series like Peaky Blinders, and Taboo. Nevertheless, it would be interesting to see how the premise of this post-apocalyptic world proceeds in the storyline.

Meanwhile, earlier this month Apple announced Apple TV+ to be launched on November 1, featuring many originals, at a monthly subscription fee of $4.99.

Where to watch See (2019)
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