Movie review

John Doe: Vigilante (2014)

Director Kelly Dolen’s thriller John Doe: Vigilante brings a story of man who takes the law into his own hands to deliver justice to people who are victims of a delayed or feeble justice system. When an ordinary man decides to go against the law in a civilised society, he certainly has to bear criticism […]

Northern Soul (The Film)

Recently, the film Northern Soul has been a surprise hit at UK box office. It’s a drama set around 1970’s Britain when youth culture goes through a spin of change with outside influence and sets the tone for songwriters, producers, DJs and music composers for decades to come. The story of Northern Soul tells about […]

The Little Death – movie review

Australian writer-director Josh Lawson’s debut feature film The Little Death is a sweet, funny, honest and realistic comedy film that talks about love, relationship, sex and most importantly sexual fantasies among urban couples. It takes us through the secret sex lives of five ordinary couples living in Sydney and how they get driven by their […]

The Babadook: movie review

After watching The Babadook, I can easily say that there are still actors who can take a simple story to a different level with their exceptional performances. Jennifer Kent’s psychological horror tale The Babadook may not be the conventional horror films you would like to watch as a big-time horror movie buff, but the idea […]

The Purge: Anarchy (movie review)

The Purge: Anarchy (movie review)

The Purge: Anarchy is sequel to last year’s horror flick The Purge is a little better with a slight tilt from the original outline, in terms of narratives. In the first part of the series, the Purge was all about middle and upper class citizens either hiding or purging on the street. The Purge: Anarchy […]

Grace: The Possession (DVD release, 2014)

Grace: The Possession (DVD release, 2014)

Talking about the film Grace: The Possession writer-director Jeff Chan tries to make it a bit different by capturing the horror and trauma from the very eye of the possessed. Many of us have watched the likes of Exorcist and The Last Exorcism, where the demonic act and the exorcism rituals were in the centre stage. […]

Annabelle – movie review

For those who have already watched The Conjuring, this new supernatural horror film Annabelle will look familiar evidently with the same idea of an evil doll and also the fact that it’s a prequel of last year’s The Conjuring. After watching the movie, I would say that filmmaker John R. Leonetti’s Annabelle is not as […]

Into the Storm (2014)

First of all, the reason I wanted to watch “Into the Storm” is the fact that for long I was waiting for a movie like the 1996 hit disaster drama “Twister.” No doubt, Twister is an amazing film and so naturally one would now expect something better. However, I find the recently released “Into the […]

Would You Rather (2013) – Movie review

Director David Guy Levy’s “Would You Rather” (2013) is a nice low budget thriller but somehow failed to attract universal attraction in comparison to some of its contemporaries. The film plays a diabolical version of the popular dinner party parlour game “Would You Rather” where the participants must opt for one of the two dreadful […]

Panic Room (2002)

Pick up David Fincher’s any creation and you will find the movie interesting for one reason or other. The movie I’m going to talk about is “Panic Room” – one of Fincher’s earliest films. The film has its simplicity to keep you engaged and on the edge of the seat till the very end. With […]