Bajirao Mastani (Movie Review)


When Art and Cinema take over logical thinking, practical issues, worldly problems, and every other thing remotely connected to reasoning, a Bajirao Mastani is produced. But then who can make it more majestic and opulent than Sanjay Leela Bhansali?

Bajirao Mastani no doubt is a delight to watch. It is like a lyrical ballad. You are lost in the backdrop of historical fiction. Amazing art direction, sets, and cinematography find an effortless space in Bhansali’s hands. And till the time you do not feel the need to cross-question the reasoning behind what is happening, you find yourself blending with the soul of the film.

Deepika Padukone tried hard to act the way she was supposed to. But she could barely justify her selection for this role. She somehow failed to add grace and dignity to Mastani. On the other hand, Priyanka Chopra’s effortless acting skills are just outstanding. The kind of role she had been assigned, there were big chances of her going unnoticed in the film but then, that’s PC. Three cheers to you girl! You have proven once again why you are so admired. Ranveer Singh has once again proved his mettle in the role of Peshwa with the right amount of grace and attitude. Especially the slang, the Marathi tone in which he did his dialogue delivery was remarkable.

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Analyzing the storyline, there is one major setback in the film. The story begins by depicting both Deepika and Ranveer as warriors. But slowly, both of them shrink down to molten pieces of love-stricken souls. The warrior in them fades away towards the end.

Ranveer Singh as Bajirao in ‘Bajirao Mastani’

Also, it is interesting how Kaashi (Priyanka Chopra) evolves as a character in the film. She does not violently react to her husband’s extra-marital affair, nor does she meekly accept it. Very humbly she asks Bajirao to move out of her room (basically her life) and never come back there again. She had the power to walk out of an unfruitful relationship. A no-nonsense person as she was, she made sure that her decisions are not governed by emotions. She even went ahead to procure the orders for permission for Mastani’s release from the jail to help Bajirao recover from his fatal ailment.

Overall, it is a film that should be watched for its grandeur of beauty, its larger-than-life depiction of love, and for the extremity of emotions. You will be transported to a different world which is similar to ours. The times are different but the problems are the same. The ways are different but the nuances are the same. The hypocrite society trapped in false notions of religion and morals pace up the story and build the drama of the so needed revolt in love. And as the hurricane of love rises, it sweeps everything on its way. What remains, in the end, are the impressions it leaves for decades and centuries. It leaves behind a hangover of love – a love that is greater and more powerful than everything else in this world.

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Reviewer Bio:
Shivani Gupta is a poet, writer, filmmaker, photographer, and creative communication expert. She has completed her Masters in Mass Communication from Jamia Miia Islamia University and is the co-founder of Pakhi Weddings. You can connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Shivani Gupta is a poet, writer, film-maker, photographer and a creative communication expert. She has completed her Masters in Mass Communication from Jamia Miia Islamia University and is the co-founder of Pakhi Weddings.

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