Berlinale Is Showcasing Seven Indian Films

Berlinale Is Showcasing Seven Indian Films

The 74th Berlin International Film Festival, which takes place from February 15 to 25, will showcase seven Indian films, including “The Adamant Girl” directed by PS Vinothraj and “In the Belly of a Tiger” by Siddartha Jatla.

The festival revealed its full lineup across Panorama, Forum, and Generation sections. Notable Indian entries like “O Seeker,” “Remote Occlusions,” and “Two Refusals” will appear in the Forum section, while “Sour Candy” and “The Girl Who Lived in the Loo” will screen in the Generation section.

A little more details about “The Adamant Girl” and “In the Belly of a Tiger”

P. S. Vinothraj is the director of the 2024 Indian Tamil-language drama film “The Adamant Girl” (Tamil: Kottukkaali). The story of the movie, which stars Soori and Anna Ben (in her Tamil debut), centers on Meena, who loves a man from a lower caste but her family thinks she is possessed and the spell is cast out of her.

Written and directed by Jatla Siddartha, “In the Belly of a Tiger” is a movie inspired by true events. The film follows an elderly couple in a remote village in northern India who must decide who will sacrifice themselves by being killed by a tiger to receive the government compensation necessary for their family’s survival.

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Last week, the festival opened with the world premiere of “Small Things Like These” and featured a screening of Martin Scorsese’s “The Departed,” in addition to the presentation of an Honorary Golden Bear to Scorsese.

Additionally, the Berlinale will feature international series projects and shows, highlighting diverse storytelling.

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