Netflix partners with Kuku Studios to produce animated content

Netflix partners with Kuku Studios to produce animated content

With loads of new interesting Netflix projects on track, here is an amazing update for animated movie lovers. Netflix has entered into an agreement with popular animation house Kuku Studios to produce animated films and series.

For those of you, who are not very much aware of this studio name, you’ve already watched a few films from some of the creators of the studio. Their credits include Ratatouille, Wall-e, Toy Story 3, Monster’s University, and Finding Dory, among others.

The studio’s key members Alex Woo, Stanley Moore, Tim Hahn, and Erik Benson will now produce content exclusively for Netflix. From the creative team that includes former Pixar folks, this collaboration will for sure bring some more wonderful characters and worlds to explore!

‘Go! Go! Cory Carson’ – Kuku Studios’ First Project for Netflix

Well, the first project of this partnership will be the upcoming Go! Go! Cory Carson, a preschool series based on the hit toy line Go! Go! Smart Wheels from VTech Electronics. The series will be launched early in 2020.

Go! Go! Cory Carson features Cory, a little kid car with an engine that runs on fun! Cory and his family live in the town of Bumperton Hills, a charming neighborhood filled with characters of all different makes and models. While navigating the winding roads of childhood, Cory’s eager and playful spirit sometimes veers him off course. Luckily his friends and family are always there to get Cory back on track!

Besides, Netflix has already given a go-ahead for their first animated feature film (untitled) is based on the power and magic of dreams.

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Here is a press statement, Alex Woo, Founder and CEO of Kuku Studios says:

“We are thrilled to partner with Melissa Cobb, Dominique Bazay, Gregg Taylor, and the rest of the Netflix team. Our mission at Kuku is to enrich people’s lives with stories that not only delight and entertain but also inspire audiences to grow. Stories have been a vessel for wisdom across every generation and culture, and we are excited to add to the world’s rich collection. With Netflix’s emphasis on quality and their global reach, we can’t think of a better partner to craft our stories with.”

Where to watch Go! Go! Cory Carson (2020)
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