Noomi Rapace in Netflix’s ‘Close’ – Movie Review

Noomi Rapace in Netflix Action Thriller 'Close'

Netflix Original movie ‘Close’ follows a female bodyguard Sam (Noomi) tasked to protect her rich heiress who is under attack from some unknown threats.

Noomi Rapace plays the role of a badass bodyguard in this upcoming Netflix Original action thriller ‘Close’. In her attempt to protect her rebellious heiress Zoe (Sophie Nélisse) from kidnappers, Sam not only does what she is trained for but also teaches young Zoe to fight back.

The trailer shows us some action-filled moments when we see Noomi’s Sam plays dead but in the next moment shoots a man with much efficiency. That simply sets the tone, as the plotline in the trailer simply becomes suspenseful along with some violent scenes.

‘Close’ is inspired by real-life bodyguard Jacquie Davis, who in her three-decade-long challenging career has protected royals and celebrities. She also works as a consultant in this film.

While in recent times, we have seen BBC One drama series Bodyguard, this one would certainly be different because it is a female-led action film. Also, Noomi Rapace is no stranger to the action genre, as we have already seen her in films like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo films as well as Ridley Scott’s Alien reboot Prometheus.

The storyline is expected to be good with some suspense elements as we can see both the bodyguard and her owner are in some bad situations. In order to survive, they need to trust each other and do everything from gunfight to physical combat. ‘Close’ has some brutal action sequences and we cannot wait long to watch the film.

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Directed by British filmmaker Vicky Jewson (Lady Godiva, Born of War), ‘Close’ is now available for streaming on Netflix.

Movie Review added [Jan 20, 2019]

Noomi Rapace starrer CLOSE is now available on Netflix to stream and here is our review.

In this female-oriented action film, Noomi Rapace has proved that she can very well match the requisites of an action star. CLOSE has some great fight sequences and Rapace’s tough look has further make those authentic. As far as action is concerned, the film is a good one, but overall CLOSE lacks emotion and this is because of the story i.e. very much predictable.

CLOSE could have been better if we have a little more engaging script. While the film begins well with good character introduction, the personal bonding between Zoe and Sam could have brought more support from better dialogues and script. Probably, a little more backstory to Sam (Rapace) in the beginning might have instilled more emotion to the storyline.

Nevertheless, Noomi Rapace’s performance is the biggest reason for anyone to watch the film. She never disappoints. She is well-supported by other cast members, including Sophie Nelisse and Indira Varma. CLOSE shows shades of few female characters who are equally tough, composed, emotional and vulnerable.

Watch the trailer here for ‘Close’

Cast: Noomi Rapace, Sophie Nélisse, Indira Varma, George Georgiou, Christopher Sciueref, Eoin Macken.
Directed by: Vicky Jewson.
Genres: Action & Adventure, Action Thrillers
Release Date: January 18, 2019

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Where to watch Close (2019)
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