‘The Trip’ Review: Keeps You Engaged With Blood, Violence & Dark Comedy

‘The Trip’ Movie Review: Keeps You Occupied With Blood, Violence and Dark Comedy

Norwegian dark comedy/thriller ‘The Trip’ (original title: I Onde Dager), starring Noomi Rapace and Aksel Hennie in lead, is an all-entertaining ride from director Tommy Wirkola (“What Happened to Monday”) with loads of crazy and violent sequences.

While the Netflix catalog these days has too many substandard films in the action or thriller genre, this one, in particular, has the right mix of thriller, horror, and comedy to keep us engaged throughout with its interesting storyline and of course amazing execution with a fast-paced narration.   

‘The Trip’ – movie synopsis

The film follows an unhappily married couple Lisa (Noomi Rapace) and Lars (Aksel Hennie) who seem to be in the worst phase of their lives as they are ready to end their marriage and do the unthinkable. They are out on a weekend trip to their family cabin but only with the motives to kill each other. But fate has something else for them in-store, as they face an even bigger threat from unexpected visitors, and to come out alive they must help each other.

‘The Trip’ Review: Keeps You Engaged With Blood, Violence and Dark Comedy
Aksel Hennie and Noomi Rapace in ‘The Trip’ (‘I onde dager’) Directed by Tommy Wirkola

Catch the fun-ride ‘The Trip’ has to offer

The opening sequence of the film starts with the usual tone of a television soap opera suggesting the bickering between an incompatible couple but ‘The Trip’ very quickly reveals its true nature with blood and violence. 

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Noomi Rapace (“Prometheus”, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, “Close”) shines in her character as Lisa, a struggling actor in the script. Her acting ability has not been explored fully by many directors, and this was indeed a good opportunity for her to showcase that intensity with a strong and resilient woman making hard decisions.  

Then, we have Aksel Hennie (“The Martian“) who plays Lars – the man who wants to kill his wife suspecting an illicit relation. The characterization is good and complex which complements that of Lisa. Other than just portraying the homicidal nature with too much violence, director Wirkola views both with empathy.

Noticeable is that the pace and dark comedic atmosphere remind us of those in any Tarantino film. Anyway, even though the runtime is a little longer than usual, what works for ‘The Trip’ is its sharp script, cast with their brilliant performances, and of course, the gruesome and slightly hilarious setup.  

Overall, ‘The Trip’ would be a nice watch both for action and thriller fans. Even though predictable, the film will keep you occupied with its endless action and slapstick moments.

Here is the trailer for ‘The Trip’

Cast: Noomi Rapace, Aksel Hennie, Atle Antonsen, Christian Rubeck, André Eriksen, Nils Ole Oftebro, and Stig Frode Henriksen.
Genres: Thriller, Action, Comedy
Director: Tommy Wirkola
Writers: Nick Ball, John Niven, Tommy Wirkola
Language: Norwegian
Release date: 30 July 2021 (Norway)

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