Studio Ghibli Back In Action With ‘The Red Turtle’ (Trailer)

Studio Ghibli Back In Action With ‘The Red Turtle’ (Trailer)

Studio Ghibli, the eminent Japanese animation film studio is back to produce films with The Red Turtle (La tortue rouge to be released in Sep 2016). The film, set to be premiered at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, is directed by Dutch filmmaker Michael Dudok de Wit and written by French screenwriter Pascale Ferran.

This is Ghibli’s first film venture after the great Hayao Miyazaki retired from active filmmaking in August 2014.

Everyone, who is aware of the kind of films Ghibli made in the last three decades, must be elated to know that the film studio is back to create art that brings the child out of all of us. Several animated features created by Studio Ghibli have won many awards, including Spirited Away (2002) which won a Golden Bear and an Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

Revealing more about the latest film The Red Turtle is the first foreign film coming out of the studio. Here Studio Ghibli is working more like an animation collaborator while the animation is developed under the guidance of Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahata.

La Tortue rouge – The Red Turtle – Movie Trailer

The Red Turtle follows the story of a man deserted on an island mostly populated by turtles, crabs, and birds. Interestingly, the film has no dialogue while through animation; it narrates the touching tale of the man and a turtle. As per the director, this is a sensitive film as far as human nature, the environment, and life in itself are concerned.

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Those of us who are more attached to Hayao Miyazaki’s creations must be happy to know that the great animator himself, back in 2008, showed interest to work with Michael Dudok de Wit in a feature film, and now ‘The Red Turtle’ turned out to be the first Ghibli film outside the studio.

Considering the director’s earlier success with the Academy Award-winning short, Father and Daughter (2000), and the Oscar-nominated The Monk and the Fish (1994), and Isao Takahata serving as artistic producer, you can expect the magic of Ghibli to continue.

Directed by Michaël Dudok de Wit
Written by Michaël Dudok de Wit and Pascale Ferran
Music by Laurent Perez del Mar
Release Date(s)/Year: 18 May 2016 (Cannes), 29 June 2016 (France), 17 September 2016 (Japan)

Studio Ghibli Back In Action With ‘The Red Turtle’
The Red Turtle movie poster
Where to watch "The Red Turtle" (2016)
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