Review: “The Sky” (Horror Short Film)

Review: "The Sky" (Horror Short Film)

Matt Sears’ cosmic horror short “The Sky” is a fantastic idea in play, with more emphasis on characters and their emotions than the cosmic event, providing an intense horror experience.

“The Sky” begins with two girls out in the field, spending their final minutes before the world ends. The visually arresting vision of a storm forming in the distance foreshadows an impending cosmic catastrophe. Things become tense as they begin to play the “never have I ever” game and one of them opens a pouch of psychedelic mushrooms.

The film is far better than typical horror films that center on gore and violence or ghouls and zombies; its character-driven tale makes it far more believable. Furthermore, its effects are sufficient to support the concept and use of hallucinogenic mushrooms, as are the effects of the imminent danger hanging in the sky.

Overall, the film has enough twists to keep us guessing while director Matt Sears innovatively narrates a story that is gripping and haunting, while redefining the apocalyptic genre. The whole idea of the end of the world in itself can evoke fear and anxiety for several reasons.

“The Sky,” leaving aside its story, also triggers the very question of the reason for this apocalypse as we wonder more about a solar flare or even the hypothesis of Earth losing its gravity causing everything to dissipate into space.

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Directed by: Matt Sears
Written by: Ryan Grundy
Starring: Chloe Fox, Charlotte Christof
Cinematography: Jay Slater
Music by: Tangelene Bolton
Editing and Post-Production: Matt Sears
Released Year: 2020

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