“The Call of Water” – A message-driven environmental fantasy short film

“The Call of Water” – A message-driven environmental fantasy short film

The premise of “The Call of Water,” a short film by Kaya Tone, appears to be based on environmental consciousness and our duty for the sustainability of nature, especially water rights.

The short film is currently being screened at several film festivals and hopefully will be made available online sometime soon.

“The Call of Water” – Synopsis

A young woman named Nadia who lives in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains is the subject of the film. The night before her childhood house is to be sold; Nadia and her pals consume mushrooms. As a result, they unintentionally trigger the opening of a portal that transports them to the astral dimension. Nadia encounters The Horned One, a legendary guardian of the land and water, at this new location. Nadia must face her obligation to her hometown and the water it protects in order to return to her own body.

Watch a trailer here

Writer, Director: Kaya Tone
Cast: Trinity Simpson, Emily Bollman, Sawyer Wright, Eric Palmer, Haiden Davis, Rebecca Hamner, Tamara Jakos
Producer: Tim Preston, Brian Plain, David Maire, Kaya Tone
Editor: Kailey Radcliffe
Cinematographer: Alex Wohlin
Sound Designers: Sam Kingston
Music: Haiden Davis and Ryn Jorgensen
Runtime: 19:00 minutes
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