‘Shadow Detective’ – Korean Crime-Thriller Series Premieres on October 26

‘Shadow Detective’ – Korean Crime-Thriller Series

The first trailer for Disney+’s upcoming crime-thriller drama ‘Shadow Detective,’ starring Lee Seong-min (Juvenile Justice) and Jin Gu, has been released. The series will premiere exclusively on Disney+ on October 26th.

‘Shadow Detective’ follows veteran police detective Taek-rok (played by Lee), who is framed for a murder just as he is about to retire from the force. Kuk Jin-Han (Jin Goo) gets transferred to Geumo Police Station as the chief of the investigation squad where Kim Taek-Rok works.

One day, Kim Taek-Rok receives a phone call. The caller introduces himself as an old friend. That is how his strange phone calls begin. The caller tells him that he killed Kim Taek-Rok’s colleague Woo Hyun-Seok over the phone. While stalking Taek-rok, the actual murderer conceals his identity and blackmails him into re-investigating some of his previous cases.

Meanwhile, Kuk Jin-Han — who initially suspects Kim Taek-Rok as the murderer of Woo Hyun-Seok — begins to trust Kim Taek-Rok and his innocence. They start to look for Kim Taek-Rok’s old friend with the help of detectives Lee Sung-A (Kyung Soo-Jin) and Son Kyung-Chan (Lee Hak-Joo).

Watch the trailer below

Korean Title: 형사록
English Title: Shadow Detective
Genres: Crime
Cast: Lee Sung-min 이성민, Jin Goo 진구, Kyung Soo-jin 경수진, Lee Hak-joo 이학주
Director: Han Dong-hwa (38 Task Force)
Release Date: October 2022 on Disney+

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Where to watch Shadow Detective (2022)
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