Intolerance (空白) – A Keisuke Yoshida-directed Japanese drama

Intolerance (空白) – A Keisuke Yoshida-directed Japanese drama

Directed by Keisuke Yoshida, “Intolerance” (Kuuhaku) is a Japanese drama with an original story that follows the events and human behavior after the accidental death of a high school girl.


A fisherman with a bad temper lives with his junior high school daughter. When a grocery store manager discovers the girl shoplifting, she flees and is killed by a car after being chased by the store manager. The girl’s father is determined to prove her innocence and pursues the manager. The enraged father terrorizes the manager and the school.

The shopkeeper is certain the girl was shoplifting, but she continues to apologize. Everyone, including the store owner, the car driver, and the father who didn’t pay enough attention to his daughter, is eventually pushed over the edge.

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The movie, which debuted in September 2021, is currently slated to screen from November through December at the Japanese Film Festival Australia.

“Intolerance” captivates viewers with shocking plot developments and intricate portrayals of the behavior and psychology of people caught in extreme situations. This one-of-a-kind drama explores sublime themes such as forgiveness and spiritual restitution.

Keisuke Yoshida, director and screenwriter, has created numerous masterpieces in recent years and won the script prize at a prestigious film festival. The performances are superb, with popular stage actor Arata Furuta capturing the father’s fear and leading young actor Tori Matsuzaka portraying the store manager’s void.

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Arata Furuta, appearing in the film for the first time in seven years, will play Mitsuru Soeda, a nightmarish father who stirs the hearts of those who watch it. Aoyagi, the supermarket manager, is never forgiven for crying, even if he sits on the ground and has his life crushed. Other performers include talented actors such as Tomoko Tabata, Kiseki Fujiwara, Shuri, Aoi Ito, Reiko Kataoka, and Shinobu Terashima, as well as young talents with dazzling talent. The actors immersed themselves in director Keisuke Yoshida’s “script,” which focused on events that could happen to anyone living in modern society.

Title: Intolerance (空白, Kuuhaku)
Director: Yoshida Keisuke
Cast: Furuta Arata, Matsuzaka Tori, Tabata Tomoko
Release Date: Sep 23, 2021

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