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Is this made on a tiny budget? Well, Steven Gomez in his directorial debut made this watchable sci-fi film Kill Command with a very simple storyline. Gomez with his earlier visual-effects experience has designed an impressive setting with humans and creepy robots, directing us to eminent disaster-driven locations.

Set in a near future technology-driven society Kill Command follows a group of US marines who are sent to a remote location for some training. Led by commanding officer Captain Bukes, the team is also accompanied by tech head Mills who is also a mysterious coder whose brain is interfaced with artificial intelligence through the computer.

As Bukes and his mates are airdropped in a location that has a dense forest with no traces of humans or animals, they started encountering drones which were monitoring their activities. Soon they come to know that their combat exercise is far from routine as they themselves are parts of some experiment carried out in order to build machines as future replacements for soldiers.

Nevertheless, they suspect the involvement of Mills in this deadly technology but they also need Mills to survive the brutal onslaught. Amid such circumstances, now these marines must fight till the end to come out of this mysterious lab, and at the same time to know who and what Mills really is and whose side is she really on.

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“Kill Command” Movie Trailer

Surprisingly, the movie ‘Kill Command’ under a very low budget has achieved the desired result with interesting visuals and even very well-designed advanced robots that are perfectly sinister looking. Gomez has very wisely used blue color to instill fear or create a real sense of menace. The story is simple, however, it has enough suspense to keep you glued to the end with a sheer amount of tension.

Talking about acting, the performances are simply good considering the fact that most of the onscreen actors are relatively new. Vanessa Kirby as Mills has been amazing and her performance particularly leaves you to think whether she is completely human or not. Nevertheless, ‘Kill Command’ is an enjoyable watch while it raises the moral question of using machines instead of humans in military warfare.

Directed by: Steve Gomez
Starring: Vanessa Kirby, Thure Lindhardt and David Ajala, Tom McKay, Bentley Kalu, Damian Kell, Osi Okerafor, Mike Noble

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