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The new thrilling mystery sci-fi drama series (streaming on ABC and Amazon Prime Video) The Crossing looks very promising in the very first episode – when refugees wash up in a small fishing town in the Oregon coast.

Scores have died but as per the survivors they have come from the future when America is at some war, and the war they are referring is 180 years in the future.

There is no clue for the investigating agency, as there is no traces of any missing vessel and there is no other signs of how they get into the shore. As they try to learn more from different survivors, they meanwhile start treating them as refugees who are certainly in need of asylum.

In the initial few scenes, we are introduced with the local sheriff Jude Ellis whose team had first spotted the dead bodies on the beach, and also rescued 47 survivors including a small girl. Jude has his complicated personal life but this incident has brought his focus to the job; we will surely get to see his side of the story in the next episodes.

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Nevertheless, The Crossing has opened very well and has generated much interest as this is kind of a two-world story that involves some contemporary issues like the war and refugee crisis. Syrian refugee issue, the boy pictured washed up, and the imagery of refugees washed up dead on Libyan beach have actually inspired the makers to create some futuristic story.

Although it’s difficult to guess the exact storyline of the series, the pilot series will certainly have something as statement when we think about climate change, food scarcity, conflict, modern technology, genetic engineering, and so on.

The series has shown some interesting aspects, including one character with extraordinary skills, people from the future trying to avoid animal food, and also the possibility and idea of time travel, etc.

The Crossing in its first episode has made it clear that the refugees are from a different time, but somehow it’s not very much clear who are behind the future holocaust; hopefully the next episode will bring some clarity.

Steve Zahn as Sherriff Jude Ellis in the TV Series The Crossing
Steve Zahn as Sheriff Jude Ellis in the TV Series The Crossing

TV Series: The Crossing on ABC
Drama, 11 episodes (pilot): ABC, Mon. April 2, 10 p.m. 60 min.

CAST: Steve Zahn, Natalie Martinez, Sandrine Holt, Georgina Haig, Tommy Bastow, Rob Campbell, Rick Gomez, Marcuis W. Harris, Grant Harvey, Jay Karnes, Simone Kessell, Kelley Missal, Luc Roderique, Bailey Skodje.



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