“Dear Jassi” – Love Beyond Borders

"Dear Jassi" - Love Beyond Borders

Tarsem Singh’s “Dear Jassi” – a touching love story that tugs at the heartstrings while throwing light on the complexities of family, tradition, and honor – spans continents and defies cultural boundaries.

This epic drama, based on true events, recounts the emotional journey of Jassi, a Canadian-Punjabi girl, and Mithoo, a Romeo in Punjab. Their love has no bounds, but time, distance, and the weight of societal expectations tear their worlds apart.

Tarsem Singh Dhandwar, best known for his visually stunning films such as “The Cell,” “The Fall,” and “Immortals,” returns to his roots with a drama brimming with real emotion. His ability to weave visuals into narratives promises to elevate “Dear Jassi” into a cinematic experience that crosses borders.

The film explores the confrontation between modernity and deeply rooted cultural beliefs against the backdrop of Punjab, a province distinguished by extensive emigration and global connectivity. “Dear Jassi” bravely explores the price people sometimes pay when their hearts urge them to defy traditional boundaries.

This striking portrayal of Punjabi society confronts viewers with the hard realization that, despite globalization, some boundaries remain unbridgeable. “Dear Jassi” challenges the concept of ‘family honor’ head-on, challenging us to consider the lengths one might go for love.


Jassi (Pavia Sidhu) meets Mithu (Yugam Sood), a kind-hearted rickshaw driver from her neighborhood, on a visit to her extended family in Jagraon in the 1990s. Their bond is instant, but it is broken when Jassi must return to Canada with her mother. Despite the distance, they keep their love alive with emotional letters and reunion fantasies. Jassi, on the other hand, recognizes the difficulties they confront after witnessing her family's stern position on her cousin's suitor. The strength of their attachment captivates as their love story evolves, overshadowing the looming, perhaps dangerous consequences they may face.

Director: Tarsem Singh Dhandwar
Cast: Pavia Sidhu, Yugam Sood
Cinematography: Brendan Galvin
Screenplay: Amit Rai
Editing: Tarsem Singh Dhandwar
Release Date: September 11, 2023 (TIFF)
Languages: Punjabi, English

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