‘Ophelia: The Curse of the Moat’ (French Short Film)

‘Ophelia: the Curse of the Moat’ (a French Short Film)

Discover ‘Ophelia,’ a French short film set in 1888 that weaves femininity, imagination, and folklore into an intriguing mystery. Klaudia Lanka directs.


Ophélie de Ferjac, a young blonde woman, is compelled to marry the rude Geoffroy Désormeaux in the 16th century. Her husband’s harsh acts seal her unfortunate fate as she longs to reunite with her true love, Quentin. She is trapped in her room, driven by sadness, and eventually transforms into the tormented spirit known as “the White Lady.” Her ethereal presence roams the castle hallways, fuelled by an insatiable hunger for vengeance.

After three centuries, the castle has come into the hands of Bastien Désormeaux, a descendent of Geoffroy and a retired astronomer. Bastien enlists the help of Théodore Lepré, an apprentice astronomer, in order to continue his scientific interests. Théodore arrives at the castle, accompanied by the eccentric peasant Gaspard Fresnel, unknowing of the terrifying legacy that dwells there. As the story progresses, a white wolf roams the castle grounds, adding to the atmosphere of mystery and intrigue.


Directed by: Klaudia Lanka
Script, Dialogues, Direction: Klaudia Lanka
Starring: Ophelia, the White Lady: DEÁKY Szandra; Théodore Lepré, apprentice astronomer: Rémy MARTIN; Bastien Désormeaux, astronomer & owner of the castle: Julien BELON; Gaspard Fresnel, villager: Bernard WILLIAM; The white wolf: the dog IRKA
Genres: Fiction, Fantasy
Language: French
Runtime: 30 min 54 sec
Year: 2022

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