‘Bhram’: A Masterful Short Film That Will Keep You on Edge

‘Bhram’: A Masterful Short Film That Will Keep You on Edge

Sumit Kumar Sinha’s horror short film “Bhram” tells the story of two adventurous YouTuber friends, Ved and Badur, who embark on a journey to explore the infamous Kalaraja forest and uncover the truth behind its paranormal beliefs.

Initially, the film may seem to have a substandard plot, but as the story progresses, it reveals an unknown evil that is commonly associated with forests. The film effectively creates a sense of fear and potential danger lurking within the forest, which adds to its overall atmosphere and unique horror concept.

Despite the limited resources, the direction, screenplay, and performances are commendable, and the background score and special effects enhance the overall experience and narration of the film.

However, the only drawback of the film is that the forest could have been more dense and dark, as it is a character in itself with its own folklore and mythology. This would have made the film even more terrifying and chilling.

Overall, “Bhram” is an engaging horror film with a well-written script and a unique storyline. If you’re a fan of horror and enjoy exploring the unknown, this film is worth watching. You can find it on the YouTube channel of Team Countryroads Films, which we have embedded below for your convenience.

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Cast: Deepak Jha as Badur, Rakesh Babu as Ved, Mukesh Ram Prajapati as car driver
Screenplay, Cinematography, VFX, Sound Design, & Editied by:
Sumit Kumar Sinha
Music Credits: Flute player – Subhi Tanvi; Recording Studio – Aarambh Band
Background Music: Licensed from Premium Beat
Release date: Sep 1, 2021

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