“Remember Me” (2022) – Movie Review

“Remember Me” (2022) – Movie Review

Directed by Christopher Jolley and co-written by Robert Dunn, “Remember Me” is a horror mystery with an interesting plot but somehow the story falls short of becoming a believable and engaging film. The film is currently available for streaming on Tubi.

“Remember Me” follows a young woman named Rose (Eleanor Burke) who with no memory as such wakes up in a house she doesn’t recognize. She then meets the woman who claims to be her mother. With strangeness around, the woman tells Rose that she is suffering from memory loss and has also lost the ability to walk. While the old lady tries to build stories around Rose’s life, she attempts to piece together how she got here. There is certainly more to Rose’s story, as she realizes her mother is hiding something, leading to a dramatic confrontation with the truth that results in fatal consequences.

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As we mentioned, “Remember Me” has a good plot and had vibes for many such hostage and kidnapping movies, but the whole progression of the story and execution of key moments seem too sloppy. Compared to what we expect from any tense thriller, the film here unnecessarily keeps on dragging the storyline further without a decent climax.

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While Eleanor Burke delivers a decent performance, Jeanie Gold as the mum is too animated, and not so convincing. Overall, it could have been much better in terms of treatment and probably by introducing more characters or by revealing enough backstory to make it believable and atmospheric to hold the tension till the end.

Cast: Jeanie Gold, Eleanor Burke, Joe Eason, Mike Zepher, Penelope Read, Carly Jolley, Samuel Jolley
Directed by Christopher Jolley
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Horror
Country: United Kingdom
Release Date/Year: April 11, 2022

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