Trailers: Jumanji The Next Level, Spies in Disguise, Official Secrets, Astro Kid, The Good Liar, Knives Out


The year so far has been amazing with few good movies, and let’s get ready for some more exciting films. We have few latest trailers for some upcoming movies, planned to be released later this year.

Jumanji: The Next Level

Promising the next level of adventure, “Jumanji: The Next Level,” trailer is here and it looks awesome. Everything we know about ‘Jumanji’ is about to change.

The band is back but as the trailer shows, the game has changed, and the landscape is even more adventurous, nothing as they expect. We see the gang going back to the world of Jumanji to save one of their own.

The cast of the 2017-released Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle returns to reprise their roles. So, we have Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Karen Gillan, Nick Jonas, Ser’Darius Blain, Madison Iseman, Morgan Turner, and Alex Wolff, in addition to the new members: Awkwafina, Danny Glover, and Danny DeVito.

Directed by Jake Kasdan “Jumanji: The Next Level” will hit theaters on December 13, 2019. So, get ready to enjoy and see if they can escape the world’s most dangerous game.

Take a look at the “Jumanji: The Next Level” trailer:

Spies in Disguise (Movie Trailer)

The new trailer for the upcoming animation movie “Spies in Disguise,” starring Tom Holland and Will Smith (voice artist) has just dropped and it is all fun.

We see young scientist Walter turns the world’s super-spy Lance Sterling to a pigeon, and with no option — they must team up for a challenging mission.

The film follows super-spy Lance Sterling (Smith) and scientist Walter Beckett (Holland) are almost exact opposites. Lance is smooth, suave and debonair. Walter is… not. But what Walter lacks in social skills he makes up for in smarts and invention, creating the awesome gadgets Lance uses on his epic missions. But when events take an unexpected turn, Walter and Lance suddenly must rely on each other in a whole new way. And if this odd couple can’t learn to work as a team, the whole world is in peril.

“Spies in Disguise” is all set for a Christmas 2019 release.

Here is the movie trailer for you to view:

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Official Secrets

Directed by Gavin Hood and starring Keira Knightley, “Official Secrets” is an American-British political thriller based in the year of 2003, when the US & UK were planning to invade Iraq. The film follows the true story of British Intelligence whistleblower Katharine Gun.

In 2003, as politicians in Britain and the US angle to invade Iraq, GCHQ translator Katharine Gun leaks a classified e-mail that urges spying on members of the UN Security Council to force through the resolution to go to war.

Charged with breaking the Official Secrets Act, and facing imprisonment, Katharine and her lawyers set out to defend her actions. With her life, liberty and marriage threatened, she must stand up for what she believes in.

“Official Secrets” is scheduled to be released in the United States on August 30 and in the United Kingdom on October 18 later this year.

Let’s watch the trailer here:

Astro Kid

Following the destruction of their spaceship, ten-year-old Willy gets separated from his parents, while traveling through the galaxy. As his rescue capsule lands on a wild and unexplored planet, he befriends the friendly robot Buck and kooky alien Flash. Together they adventure through the wild and mysterious planet, discovering its wildlife and beauty but also the dangers that lie beneath!

The film will have its theatrical release on August 24, 2019.

Here is the trailer of “Astro Kid”:

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Mrs Lowry & Son

Director Adrian Noble’s biopic “Mrs Lowry & Son” follows beloved British artist L.S. Lowry (Timothy Spall) and his relationship with his mother Elizabeth (Vanessa Redgrave) with whom he lived all his life.

Bed-ridden and bitter, Elizabeth actively tried to dissuade her bachelor son from pursuing his artistic ambitions, whilst never failing to voice her opinion at what a disappointment he was to her.

“Mrs Lowry & Son” will be in cinemas on August 30, 2019.

Here is the trailer of this amazing life story of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, L.S. Lowry.

The Good Liar

Based on the novel by Nicholas Searle, director Bill Condon’s upcoming thriller “The Good Liar” promises to be a fascinating thriller with some finest performances by the veteran pair: Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen.

Career con artist Roy Courtnay can hardly believe his luck when he meets well-to-do widow Betty McLeish online. As Betty opens her home and life to him, Roy is surprised to find himself caring about her, turning what should be a cut-and-dry swindle into the most treacherous tightrope walk of his life.

The film is due for a November 15, 2019 release.

Let’s watch the movie trailer – “The Good Liar”

Knives Out

The trailer of acclaimed writer-director Rian Johnson’s murder mystery “Knives Out” is finally out.

The film follows the murder and the investigation later when renowned crime novelist Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) is found dead just after his 85th birthday. In the trailer, we see a group of detectives are there to investigate the death of the patriarch by questioning the members of his dysfunctional family.

“Knives Out” will be released on November 27, 2019.

Check out the official “Knives Out” trailer starring Chris Evans and Daniel Craig in the lead.

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