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Happy Death Day (2017) – Movie Review

A Blumhouse slasher horror flick Happy Death Day (previously titled ‘Half to Death’) has a very aptly used Groundhog Day reference point when a college girl finds herself trapped in a time loop to relive her murder day over and over again until she figures out her killer. This movie is very much original in […]

Half to Death (2017) – Blumhouse Film – Later Titled ‘Happy Death Day’

UPDATE: The film “Half to Death” was later titled “Happy Death Day” that was released back on October 13, 2017. Please refer to the post “Happy Death Day (2017) – Movie Review” for the latest updates on the film. “Half to Death” (‘Happy Death Day’) is said to be another promising addition to the list […]

Parallels (2015) – Promises More, Delivers Less

Director and screenwriter Christopher Leone’s PARALLELS is a science-fiction adventure film that shows a parallel or alternate Earth that can be traveled through mysterious gateways. It follows the lives of estranged brother and sister, Ronan and Beatrix, who met at their home when their father dropped both of them a message to meet him. When […]

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