“BRIGHTWOOD”: Where Sci-Fi Meets Horror

"BRIGHTWOOD": Where Sci-Fi Meets Horror

“BRIGHTWOOD” is a surreal fusion of science fiction and horror. An innovative independent film that examines relationships, fear, and the unknown. A frightening ride is coming your way!

This American independent sci-fi/horror movie, which is at times both unsettling and frightful, centers on a couple who become stuck in a perilous time loop.

Meet Jen (Dana Berger) from “Orange Is the New Black” and “Elementary,” and Dan (Max Woertendyke) from “Succession.” They’re stuck in a weird time loop, and their relationship is on thin ice.

During their jog, their attempt to fix things takes an odd turn. They are unable to go and end up circling a pond. It’s a loop that bends their minds and confuses them.

But there’s more—a creepy killer in a hood joins the fray. Jen and Dan must now cooperate if they want to wake up from this nightmare. Can they do it, or will they be torn apart by fear?

Directed by Dane Elcar, “BRIGHTWOOD” combines wit, fear, and a splash of humor. It’s about relationships and the darkness inside, not just about scares. Prepare yourself for a new form of terror that will make you shiver and think.

Genres: Drama, Horror, and Sci-Fi
Cast: Max Woertendyke, Dana Berger
Director: Dane Elcar
Screenwriter: Dane Elcar
Cinematographer: Dane Elcar
Editor: Torrence Red
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: August 22, 2023

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