Surfing and Crime Collide in ‘Sons of Summer’

Surfing and Crime Collide in 'Sons of Summer'

Lionsgate presents a surfers action thriller, ‘Sons of Summer,’ directed by Clive Fleury. The official trailer is out now, giving us a glimpse of the action-packed ride, with a crime story filled with incredible surfing stunts. Although the film seems too generic, let’s wait for its release as it reaches VOD and in a few theaters later in late July.

‘Sons of Summer’ follows four surfers as they travel to a coastal village to seek retribution for the murder of their father. But when they become involved in a drug deal gone awry and find themselves in a fight with a local criminal lord, things take a disastrous turn.

“Sons of Summer” features exhilarating action and stunning surfing stunts and stars Isabel Lucas, Joe Davidson, Temuera Morrison, and an amazing cast. Let’s watch the movie trailer.

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