Lorenza’s Bike (Short Film)

Lorenza's Bike (Short Film)

Patricio Mosse’s short film “Lorenza’s Bike” portrays the emotional journey of a young girl named Lorenza as she tries to comprehend the loss of her father in an aviation tragedy.

Lorenza resides in a flat with her mother, Cecilia, who appears to be suffering from depression. She discovers pills next to her mother’s bed and believes her mother’s sadness is due to her father’s death.

During the summer, Lorenza spends time with her neighbor, Simon, and attempts to comprehend if her father will ever return and reunite with her mother. Lorenza’s ultimate goal is to bring her mother out of her depressive state and restore their connection.

The film is presently being showcased in numerous film festivals, and it is a poignant portrayal of the aftermath of a traumatic event and the complicated nature of healing. Here is a trailer.

Director/Screenwriter: Patricio Mosse
Starring: Sibel Angeline Limbird, Tim Sermon, Laura Ehrich
Music: Anton Spielmann
Cinematography: Enrique Arribas
Running time: 12 min.

Lorenza's Bike (Short Film)
Directed by Patricio Mosse | Argentina, Germany | Short Film | Run time 12 min.
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