“Leprechaun in the Hood” (2000): A cult horror-comedy for its outrageous premise and over-the-top humor

"Leprechaun in the Hood" (2000): A cult horror-comedy for its outrageous premise and over-the-top humor

“Leprechaun in the Hood,” directed by Rob Spera and starring Warwick Davis as the titular Leprechaun, was released in 2000. It’s the fifth film in the “Leprechaun” film series.

The film follows the misadventures of the Leprechaun, a mythical creature from Irish folklore who is awakened from a thousand-year slumber by a group of aspiring hood rappers who hope to use his magic to achieve success in the music industry.  

The Leprechaun, on the other hand, is after his gold, which the rappers stole, and he pursues them through the streets of Los Angeles, leaving a trail of destruction and mayhem in his wake.

As the Leprechaun wreaks havoc on the rappers and their community, they realize they must band together to stop him and his evil plans. They encounter several supernatural obstacles along the way, including zombies and other mythical creatures.

Critics and audiences gave the film mixed reviews. Some praised its campy nature and comedic elements, while others criticized its poor execution and lack of scares. Despite receiving negative reviews from critics, “Leprechaun in the Hood” has developed a cult following among horror-comedy fans due to its outrageous premise and over-the-top humor.

Watch the trailer here for “Leprechaun in the Hood”

Director: Rob Spera
Screenwriter: Doug Hall, Jon Huffman
Based on characters by Mark Jones
Cast: Warwick Davis, Ice-T, Anthony Montgomery, Rashaan Nall, Red Grant, Dan Martin, Lobo Sebastian, Ivory Ocean, Jack Ong, Barima McKnight, Bebe Drake
Cinematographer: Michael Mickens
Release date: March 28, 2000

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