‘And Soon the Darkness’ – Stupid Characters, Shallow Plot

And Soon the Darkness (2010) - Stupid Characters, Shallow Plot

Looks like Marcos Efron’s 2010-released horror thriller ‘And Soon the Darkness’ is nothing but a travel warning to all Americans not to venture into foreign locales, known for crimes.

The storyline looks simple and predictable considering the notoriety of any less-crowded and crime-infested tourist place (for that matter anywhere in the world). The storyline goes like this:

Two American girls – Ellie (played by Amber Heard) and Stephanie (Odette Yustman) are on a bike trip in a remote part of Argentina, biking in the natural beauty and enjoying the nightlife in the local club. When they split up and one goes missing, the other tries to get help from the locals and the cops, but it seems no one is bothered to pay heed. Their fun trip turns into a nightmare as they face their worst fears.

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Well, looking at the storyline and the way it progresses, one thing we can say that it is very predictable. There is little characterization to keep us interested and engaged with the story. We don’t understand why both the key characters keep on doing stupid things throughout the movie.

First, it’s a foreign country where both the girls got drunk and, in some instances, even allowed a local criminal to come close to them. Moreover, who ventures into solo cycling to an unknown and almost deserted place without researching the location, language, people, and culture? This is not at all adventure, but rather sheer foolishness.

As far as acting is concerned, I would not blame the cast, as there is hardly any substance in the story to bank on. ‘And Soon the Darkness’ is one of those films, probably available on many streaming platforms, which you can easily skip.

Genres: Horror, Suspense
Director: Marcos Efron
Starring: Amber Heard, Karl Urban, Odette Yustman, Gia Mantegna, Adriana Barraza, among others.
Written by Marcos Efron and Jennifer Derwingson
Release Date/Year: 2010
Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime

A remake of the 1970 British thriller ‘And Soon the Darkness,’ the movie was expected to be decent. However, as happens in most remakes, the treatment of a similar plot and overall execution makes the makers confused. There are few attempts to bring twists and turns, but that does add a lot to the story.

Nevertheless, as in the case of many travel destinations, the location in the film is picturesque and it is very nicely captured with the film’s beautiful cinematography. Well, that’s the only positive thing I can think of in the film.

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