‘Wheelman’ (2017, Netflix) – Movie Review

Wheelman - Netflix - Frank Grillo

Netflix’s fast-paced driving thriller Wheelman is an entertaining film filled with the right amount of melodrama and action on the road. Directed by Jeremy Rush, this film is tense, gritty, and an adventurous ride on the wheel.

‘Wheelman’ Movie Plot:
A getaway driver takes a job to accompany two robbers to a heist and drive them away to a safe spot once their job is done. When that goes wrong, the wheelman (as one of the robbers named the driver) must put all his skills to test, to learn who is calling the shots and who is trying to double/triple-cross him.

Frank Grillo plays the Wheelman, and I always wonder why this guy is still not doing many such interesting projects, even though he has a few good roles on his resume. Well, this is Grillo’s show from start to finish – there is virtually no supporting cast other than a girl driver for a brief time.

There is money, mob, firearm, and loads of cuss words but there is enough suspense and thrilling moments to keep you on the edge of your seat. The plotline looks thin, but director Jeremy Rush very intelligently designed an exciting premise and an equipped lead character to drive this movie forward.

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Wheelman resembles Tom Hardy starrer Locke (2013) but it has its unique execution and moments. The performance of Grillo is also top-notch considering the fact that he rarely appears in lead roles. The situation also very nicely used a cellphone to elevate the tension.

Even though all the actions in the Wheelman are happening inside the running car, some very well-choreographed chasing scenes, tense and confusing situations for the man in the driving seat to grab the right decision, and the sense of fear and concern to save the family members – together makes this movie a must-watch.  

I must say, Wheelman is one of the finest thrillers on Netflix because the streaming service provider has recently added a few very bad movies to its library. No doubt, this movie is all because of Frank Grillo and director Jeremy Rush.

Starring: Frank Grillo, Caitlin Carmichael, Garret Dillahunt
Genres: Action Thrillers, Crime Thriller
Writer-Director: Jeremy Rush
Cinematography Juanmi Azpiroz
Distributed by Netflix
Release Date/Year: October 20, 2017

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