The Girlfriend Experience [Season 1] 18+

The Girlfriend Experience was premiered on Starz on April 2016 with 13 twenty-five-minute episodes. The story of the film revolves around Christine Reade, a second year law student who also work as an intern in a prestigious law firm. As she tries to get into the corporate world, she once gets introduced to the world of transactional relationships that forever changed her life.

When Christine’s friend introduces her to the world of transactional sex, she finds her entangled in the peculiarity and finds it difficult in juggling around two lives. She is drawn into the world of Girlfriend Experience attracted by the urge of intimacy and compensation associated. So, even if in the first few episodes you get to see those intimate scenes, it’s not entirely about sex.

“The Girlfriend Experience” in todays’ world prevalent in almost every other country or society. It is in fact, a subset of prostitution in which young women provides girlfriend experience i.e. emotional and sexual relationships to older men in exchange of gifts or money.

The Girlfriend Experience – Episodes

Here is brief summary of the 13 episodes you can watch on Amazon Prime.

Episode 1:

Entry – Law student Christine Reade lands an internship at a prestigious Chicago firm but when a classmate introduces her to the world of transactional relationships, her focus begins to shift. 

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Episode 2:

A Friend – Christine begins living a double life — working as a GFE, while pursuing her legal career. 

Episode 3:

Retention – Christine becomes concerned by the level of Jacqueline’s control and confronts her, while David enlists Erin’s help, in an attempt to retain one of the firm’s top clients. 

Episode 4:

Crossing The Line – Christine juggles the demands of her internship, law school and a growing roster of GFE clients. Christine observes tension and conflict amongst the partners at David’s annual party. 

Episode 5:

Insurance – Christine’s secret identity is threatened by a client’s death.

Episode 6:
Christine and a new client grow increasingly intimate and start to cross the provider/client boundary. Back at the law firm, David is confirmed as managing partner.

Episode 7:
Christine takes precautions against any further intrusions from Jack, but is soon faced with another problem from an unexpected source.

Episode 8:
Intent on revenge, Christine goes on the attack at the law firm.

Episode 9:
Christine’s worlds collide and she is forced to find a way to come out on top.

Episode 10:
After her humiliating experience at the law firm, Christine embraces her career as a GFE provider.

Episode 11:
Christine goes on the counter-attack, in an attempt to force a settlement with the law firm, while exploring more anonymous ways to service her GFE clients.

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Episode 12:
Christine travels home for her parent’s 30th wedding anniversary party. They are partially happy to see her.

Episode 13:
Christine is in complete control.

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Genre: Drama
Starring: Riley KeougWh, Paul Sparks, Mary Lynn Rajskub
Network: Starz
Catch all episodes on Amazon Prime Video
Riley KeougWh in the TV Series The Girlfriend Experience
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