'Pathology' (2008) – A Deadly Game


If you have ever liked movies like Crank, Hostel, and Saw, ‘Pathology’ is yet another addition to meet your interest with full of blood and flesh. Directed by Marc Scholermann, ‘Pathology’ is a medical thriller that most medical school students may find easy to watch but not for average audiences.

This is in no way a horror flick, rather a mystery and suspense drama filled with sex and violence. You will only get to watch lots of blood-filled corpses where a group of pathologists competes with each other in committing the perfect murder.

Before going into the storyline it’s better to make it clear that ‘Pathology’ is not for kids or those who cannot see blood and scenes of gore.

The film starts with the entry of a young pathologist Dr. Ted Grey (played by Milo Ventimiglia of the blockbuster TV series Heroes) in an urban hospital. As soon as he joins a team of fellow pathologists who are employed to find out the actual causes of the death of people by examining the dead bodies, Ted finds that his team members are all into a sick game of trying to execute the perfect murder.

Each of his teammates takes a turn in killing strangers only to give a chance to others in finding how they killed the victim. Yes, how sick it may sound, but Dr. Ted somehow gets himself drawn towards the ill world of sex, drug, and death. As they go deep into the game committing crime after crime, can ever Ted pull himself out of this mess?

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Nevertheless, talking more about the craft of filmmaking, even if most of us don’t often watch such kinds of films, these certainly have a group of audiences albeit small. Moreover, ‘Pathology’ is a well-written film in which the basic idea plays out quite well.

In addition, the performance by most of its actors including Michael Weston, as the main antagonist, is simply amazing. Unlike other similar genre movies that I could not enjoy in the absence of an engaging plot, ‘Pathology’ surely gives you some fun, shock, and not just those scattered flesh and blood.

Here is the ‘Pathology’ Movie Trailer

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