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Convict (2014) – An Australian Prison Drama

Australian prison drama Convict shows corruption and cruelty inside the prison that is very much prevalent in every prison around the world. Many times as viewers, the tough life of prison attracts our attention with curiosity to know more about the complex reality behind the prisons. Well, most of us have watched one of the finest prison […]

Offender (2012) – A Prison Revenge Thriller

Call it a London gangland drama or a prison revenge thriller, “OFFENDER” is a masterpiece in terms of acting from its lead character. Even though the plot falls flat, the performance of new talent Joe Cole (as a hothead guy) almost single-handedly pulls off this action suspense thriller. Director Ron Scalpello, in his maiden attempt, […]

‘A Prophet’ (Un Prophete) – A French Prison Thriller

This French prison melodrama ‘A Prophet’ (Un Prophete) is one of the best I have seen in the last few years. I have had watched the popular TV series Prison Break, but ‘A Prophet’ by the director Jacques Audiard is all the more engaging and thrilling in its own way. Released in 2009, the film […]

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