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Lust Stories – Exploring the forbidden emotion

Netflix original anthology Lust Stories is an attempt to present the forbidden emotion ‘lust’ just as a regular human need, and doing so casts light on Indian society and its moral complexities. While depicting lustfulness, this movie certainly does not have to be any soft-porn or erotic in nature. It’s more to do with human […]

Movie Review: AKIRA (Bollywood Action Thriller)

I watched AKIRA in the theatre some two weeks back and since then I’ve been trying to find some time to write about this. Directed by the south master AR Murugadoss, who had also previously directed content-driven movies like Ghajini (2008) and Holiday, ‘Akira’ is yet another addition to his unique touch in the craft […]

Ugly (2014) – A Dark and Hard-Hitting Bollywood Thriller

Directed by Anurag Kashyap, Ugly is yet another piece of realistic cinema from the filmmaker who is considered one of the flag-bearers of parallel cinema or indie cinema in India. A film that garners applause on many international platforms is certainly a good film, even though it doesn’t cater to the taste of the majority. […]

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