THAR (Film Review) – A Western-style Revenge Drama

THAR (Film Review) – A Western-style Revenge Drama

The Anil Kapoor starrer western-style action thriller “THAR” is the latest Netflix release that promises a quirky story with intense action and gruesome scenes of violence set in a remote locale of Rajasthan. The film is released on the streaming platform on 6th May.

Unlike Rajasthan’s reputation, known for numerous tourist destinations embedded with royalties, the film presents a remote village, Munabao, close to the Pakistan border in the Thar desert. No matter how much rustic the village may look, the international border always makes things worse with unlawful activities.

THAR – Movie Storyline

Set in 1985, the film follows two prominent characters: a local cop Surekha Singh (Anil Kapoor) who remained an inspector whole his life, and a mysterious young man Siddharth (Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor) on a distressing mission.

As it seems from the setting, an otherwise sleepy village suddenly wakes up when two murder incidents are reported and Surekha finally finds some purpose in the final lap of his career to prove his worth as a cop.

In the first few minutes of the film, we witness a man shot off the tree and then tortured to death, but we don’t get to see the killer. Then in another incident parents of a girl who is about to get married are killed by a gang of gunmen.

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Surekha and his associate, Bhure (played by another Bollywood veteran Satish Kaushik) go on to investigate the cases and wonder if there is any connection between these killings.

Meanwhile, in such a suspenseful environment when a stranger enters the village, there is bound to be some question. Siddharth, who introduces himself as an antique dealer based in Delhi, lands in the remote village looking for a man named Panna. He has a job in hand but that doesn’t have to do anything with antiques.

THAR – Review

“THAR” is full of blood, gore, and violence, but you will find less reason to feel for the characters as those are too sketchy by design. The ultimate revelation does not prompt us to feel for Harsh Varrdhan’s character, as there is not much backstory, and he hardly has any dialogue.

While you will enjoy the scenic visuals of remote Rajasthan, there is not much to cheer for in either storytelling or performance. The only performance that is worth mentioning is Anil Kapoor and his equation with Kaushik. Besides, director Raj Singh Chaudhary tries too hard to present some glimpses of a Western-style revenge drama but there is not much substance to sell.

THAR – Movie Trailer

Now Streaming on Netflix

Directed by Raj Singh Chaudhary
Written by Raj Singh Chaudhary, Anurag Kashyap (dialogue)
Starring: Anil Kapoor, Harshvardhan Kapoor, Fatima Sana Shaikh, Mandana Karimi
Cinematography: Shreya Dev Dube
Release date: 6 May 2022
Language: Hindi

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Where to watch Thar (2022)
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