Sony scraps The Interview amid threat

It’s a disappointing news and it’s official. Sony Pictures has cancelled the theatrical release of The Interview, starring James Franco and Seth Rogen, after terror threats. In the past few days, this film had already attracted much attention because of its content in relation to North Korea and following the hacking of Sony computer network.

In fact, hackers have threatened to go after movie theatres if The Interview was released next week. In the wake of such threat and theatre chains defecting en masse, Sony Pictures Entertainment finally decided to pull the plug by saying that the company has no further release plans for the film.

So, any chance of watching the movie either with limited VOD, or on DVD or YouTube release? At this point, it’s hard to say. For the time being, as the U.S. officials have linked the massive cyber attack to North Korea in which cyber-terrorists have stolen intellectual property, private emails and sensitive documents of the company, many theatre chains are forced to step back.

The movie was supposed to be released on 25th December, and it’s an American action comedy film. If you’re thinking about the plot of the film, and are not aware of the entire issue, here it is:

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In The Interview, Dave Skylark (James Franco) and his producer Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen) run the popular celebrity tabloid TV show Skylark Tonight. When they discover that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is a fan of the show, they land an interview with him in an attempt to legitimize themselves as journalists. As Dave and Aaron prepare to travel to Pyongyang, their plans change when the CIA recruits them, perhaps the two least-qualified men imaginable, to assassinate Kim Jong-un.

Looking at the present scenario, now the most Sony could actually do is selling The Interview to Netflix.  That too time will tell. Meanwhile, watch the trailer of The Interview released earlier.

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