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Japanese Horror Film: “The Forbidden Play” (2023)

Based on Karma Shimizu’s novel “Kinjirareta Asobi,” and directed by Hideo Nakata (known for the iconic “Ring”), the Japanese horror film “The Forbidden Play” (禁じられた遊び) unveils a chilling tale. The story follows young Haruto, grieving the loss of his beloved mother Miyuki, as he takes matters into his own hands in a desperate attempt to […]

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‘Two Sisters’ (2019): A Malaysian Mandarin-Language Psychological Horror Film

Directed by James Lee, one of the prominent figures in the Malaysian New Wave of the early 2000s, TWO SISTERS tells the story of a girl’s release from an asylum, as she reunites with her older sister, and together, they return to their abandoned family home. However, they soon discover a dark and tragic family […]

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The Coffee Table: A Chilling Spanish Horror Finds its Way to North America

Cinephobia Releasing has acquired the distribution rights for the Spanish horror film, “The Coffee Table,” directed by Caye Casas. This bone-chilling tale, which goes beyond conventional horror, recently had its world premiere at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, where it won the prestigious Best Film award in the Rebels with a Cause category. It […]

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Inner Child: An upcoming psychological horror film

“Inner Child” is a gripping psychological horror feature film, based on Natalie Rodriguez’s acclaimed novella and short screenplay. The film follows Cassie, a college freshman who cuts ties with her toxic family but is plagued by recurring nightmares. When these nightmares become increasingly real and invasive, Cassie seeks help from her therapist, Dr. Reid, hoping […]

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THE SACRIFICE: Watch the Trailer for the Spine-Chilling Folk Horror Film

Black Mandala, known for their compelling horror releases, is set to scare moviegoers with their latest film, “The Sacrifice” (aka El Sacrificio). Directed by the talented Alberto Serra, this folk horror masterpiece delves deep into a family’s struggle against an ancient curse, delivering a bone-chilling and suspenseful experience that will leave viewers on the edge […]

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“Leprechaun in the Hood” (2000): A cult horror-comedy for its outrageous premise and over-the-top humor

“Leprechaun in the Hood,” directed by Rob Spera and starring Warwick Davis as the titular Leprechaun, was released in 2000. It’s the fifth film in the “Leprechaun” film series. The film follows the misadventures of the Leprechaun, a mythical creature from Irish folklore who is awakened from a thousand-year slumber by a group of aspiring […]

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“Hellhole” (2022) Movie Review: Solid Direction Drives This Ominous Religious Horror Tale

From Bartosz M. Kowalski and Mirella Zaradkiewicz, creators of “Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight,” here is yet another Polish horror film, “Hellhole” (org. title Ostatnia wieczerza). Set in 1987 Poland, the film follows a police detective who while investigating inexplicable disappearances infiltrates a rural monastery – and discovers a disturbing truth about its clerics. […]

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Korean Mystery Horror “The Other Child” (미혹)

Directed by Kim Jin-young-IV, “The Other Child” (미혹) is an upcoming Korean supernatural horror movie scheduled to hit Korean cinema in October 2022. The movie star cast includes Park Hyo-joo, Kim Min-jae, and Cha Sun-woo. “The Other Child” (미혹) – Movie Synopsis A couple decides to adopt a child to help them cope with the […]

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