Robert Zemeckis

The Walk: An incredible biopic

October 18, 2015

  Robert Zemeckis’s (director of Forrest Gump) “The Walk” is an incredible biopic based on the real life story of a young wire walk artist Philippe Petit and his friends who dreamt of attaining the impossible feat of walking in the void between the World Trade Center towers. The film very beautifully catches the moments with 3D effects […]

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The Walk – Movie Trailer

August 25, 2015

Based on French tightrope artist Philippe Petit’s memoir “To Reach the Clouds”, The Walk narrates the real life story of Petit and his insane idea of walking on a wire hanging high above the surface, the void between the World Trade Center towers, New York. The story is real and thrilling to remember the man […]

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Flight (2012) – an exceptional piece of storytelling

June 10, 2013

After watching Flight I believe this might be based on any fictionalised true story where an intoxicated pilot Whip Whitaker, who happens to be an alcoholic, crashes a plane although nearly saving every soul in it.  Even though hailed as a hero by local media, under the circumstances he preferred that miracle crash-landing, several questions are […]

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