Deepak Mohanty

There are numerous movie blogs and some are really amazing in term of news, experiences, thoughts and opinions people share on movies and the art of filmmaking. I started cinecelluloid movie blog while travelling back from office everyday in Delhi Metro. 

Now, with a collection of few thousands DVDs (no more in need though with the arrival of Netflix and Amazon Prime), I guess; now I’m in a position to actually discuss anything on movies.

Also, thanks to my friend circle that we always have a healthy discussion on the art of filmmaking but in general about all kinds of movies. Interestingly, some of my friends are documentary filmmakers and their creativity and passion at least give me some hope to continue this blog for long.

Well, www.cinecelluloid.com is neither a movie news site nor a movie review blog. I simply write whatever I feel about a movie, its direction, performance, cast and sometimes share details about some upcoming movies with trailers and posters. Nevertheless, my sole aim is more to make Cinecelluloid a place where anyone can share anything about movies.

I usually don’t rate movies, but if I ever would, it should be like this:

Not worth of time
★★ Wait for TV Premiere
★★★ Book The Cheapest Seats [Give it a try!]
★★★★ Book The Best Seats
★★★★★ Book The Best Seats + Buy The DVD (to watch it over & over again!)

Enjoy reading the posts and don’t forget to give your valuable feedback!