Gun City – A crime drama set in 1920s Spain

Gun City - A Netflix Crime Drama - Movie Review

Netflix’s 2018 crime drama ‘Gun City’ (original title – La sombra de la ley) is a good Spanish film we have seen in recent times. The film that has won three Goya Awards, including Artistic Direction and Best Cinematography (Josu Inchaustegui), follows characters in a chaotic 1920s Spain, when the country was reeling under corruption amid political and military turmoil.

This crime story, set in 1920s Barcelona, follows a double agent who is assigned to work his way into the local mafia, businessmen, corrupt officials and anarchist to find out those who actually stole military weapons through a violent train robbery and then sold those to anarchist groups.

‘Gun City’ Movie Plot

An investigator named Aníbal Uriarte from Madrid is on a mission to find out the perpetrators behind the robbery of military weapons in Barcelona. However, he soon finds out the reality behind the devolving administration in the country that is now run by corrupt cops, underworld mafias and businessmen with their vested interest.

Gun City – Movie Trailer

‘Gun City’ with its basic plotline opens a more layered story with historical narrative and interesting characters. Here we see an investigative officer who is trying to do his duty even though he sees many of his cop colleagues are corrupt; a gangster and nightclub owner with good connection to fulfil his evil business interest; a labour leader who advocates peaceful protest demanding fairer wages; and young revolutionaries who see violence as the only way to get justice.

Director Dani de la Torre very nicely created this stylish yet a beautiful vintage cinema that not only shows corruption at the highest level, conflicts of interest, lawlessness with the presence of gangsters, but also touches struggle in terms of social and political issues.  

Cinematography of ‘Gun City’ has been good with some great visuals and interesting choice of camera work – especially the fight scenes. In fact, everything from casting to music and direction have been of high standard that keep us engaged till the end. Also, from the genre point of views – it is a mix of crime, romance, political thriller and action that somehow is complimented and justified by the storyline.

Starring: Luis Tosar, Michelle Jenner, Vicente Romero, Manolo Solo, Paco Tous, Adriana Torrebejano, Pep Tosar, Jaime Lorente, Ernesto Alterio and Fernando Cayo.

Director: Dani de la Torre

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Historical

Release Date: October 11, 2018

Language: Spanish

‘Gun City’ (La sombra de la ley) is now Streaming on Netflix. If you have already watched the film, please share a short review in the comment section below. You may also write a better review and e-mail that to us.



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