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Spanish thriller ‘When Angels Sleep’ – originally titled ‘Cuando los ángeles duermen’ follows a tired businessman German, dejected for missing her daughter’s birthday party because of office work, accidentally hits a woman with his car that starts a series of nightmarish events.

Writer-Director Gonzalo Bendala’s thriller ‘When Angels Sleep’ narrates the ordeal and horror a businessman German goes through after he accidentally hits a woman on the road. German is late for her daughter’s birthday party for which he is already late and just trying to reach home the earliest. In the meantime, he dozes off and hits something on the way.

Not being sure of what he hits, he comes back to look for and finds a girl ‘Gloria’ lying severely bruised. German then genuinely tries to help the girl by calling the emergency service but out of fear and uncertainty of the situation, he drops off. He, however, brings the injured girl into his car to drive her to a nearby hospital. Meanwhile, Gloria’s friend Silvia sees German and thinks of him being the culprit, even though it is an accident.

With this, German keeps on making mistakes or we can say that he finds himself in situations that looks simple, but has consequences and hence make it complex. What we see in ‘When Angels Sleep’is that it really has a great plot, but somehow in the overall story we are introduced with too many things that never sink in together.

While any such unfortunate events can happen with anyone, the way one reacts to such situation might be different and hence it looks illogical in the film. The characters in ‘When Angels Sleep’ are also overcooked, although the performance in the lead played Julián Villagrán is good. It could have been better if the story instills some amount of emotion for us to follow or care about the characters.

The narration is never consistent. Sometimes we see innocence in the characters and in other there is a whole different shade to those. With an unimpressive narrative development and few annoying characters, we also find the film lengthy. The climax is too rush and looks sloppy; probably some more details could have been added to bring all things together.

We saw the dubbed version available on Netflix, and it is likely that we might have missed some angle to the story. However, if you are a Spanish speaking audience and have watched the film, please contribute with your opinion in the comment section below.

‘When Angels Sleep’ Movie Trailer

‘When Angels Sleep’ Cast and Other Details

Starring: Julián Villagrán, Marian Álvarez, Ester Expósito, Sira Alonso de Alarcón, Asia Ortega, Daniel Jumillas and Christian Mulas.

Genres: International Films, Spanish Films, Crime Drama, Crime Thrillers

Director: Gonzalo Bendala

Release Year: 2018

Julián Villagrán as German in Netflix film ‘When Angels Sleep’

‘When Angels Sleep’ is now streaming on Netflix.

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