Nothing to Hide (Le Jeu) – Netflix Film Review

Nothing to Hide (Le Jeu) Netflix Movie

French drama ‘Nothing to Hide’ (‘Le Jeu’) is a wonderful film giving us some insight how our secrets could spoil relationship, and why in love, as in friendship, somethings are best kept secrets.

Starring Cannes winner Suzanne Clément (“Laurence Anyways,” “The Forest”) and Oscar nominee Bérénice Bejo (“The Artist”), this Netflix film ‘Nothing to Hide’ is a great watch with characters, most familiar and realistic, as we explore the essence of friendship, love and togetherness amid personal secrets.

In the modern age of smartphones, the film gives us a glimpse of how devastating it could happen when secrets get revealed that could even kill best-established relationships. ‘Nothing to Hide’ (‘Le Jeu’) follows a dinner party between few old friends and their better halves, where they agree to spice up their get-together by sharing every private message, email and call they receive on their mobile phones while having dinner.

As expected, secrets get revealed – couples end up losing each other’s trust and in the worst case even shows the possibility of breakdown in friendship and marriages.

To be honest, the situations and characters in this Netflix film “Nothing to Hide” (Le Jeu) are all realistic. An exceptional direction by Fred Cavayé and amazing performances by all the actors on screen certainly make this film worth a watch. The film is all about conversations between friends, as they reveal layers of every relationship in question.

The very fact that the film narrates the story with very intelligent humor elements as well as some effective dialogues keeps us engaged throughout this dining room drama. With a tightly written story, the film also poses few questions on love, friendship and relationships.

While the movie only ends giving us a caution, it certainly tempts us to ask questions on our nature of keeping secrets from our loved ones. At the same time, it asks us on how far we can push ourselves to be open in terms of not keeping any personal secrets to maintain a lasting relationship.

We know, no one is perfect, but is it good to keep some secrets in order to hold on to a relationship or is it essential to be truthful to your partner? Well, it depends on individual, but ‘truth’ has a power to reveal itself. Probably, until then one could simply keep secrets in order to avoid any disastrous results.

‘Nothing to Hide’ (‘Le Jeu’) Movie Details:

Starring: Bérénice Bejo, Suzanne Clément, Stéphane De Groodt, Vincent Elbaz, Grégory Gadebois, Doria Tillier, Roschdy Zem, and Fleur Fitoussi.

Director: Fred Cavayé

Genres: International Films, French Films, Comedies, Dramas

“Nothing to Hide” is now streaming on Netflix with both English and French languages and subtitles.

Watch “Nothing to Hide” movie trailer here

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