Transfers – a sci-fi series on transferring human consciousness

Transfers – a French sci-fi series

Set in near future when scientists have found a way to transfer human consciousness from one body to another, French TV drama “Transfers” (Transferts) follows the character Florian who wakes up after a five-year long coma but in someone else’s physical body.

Florian Bassot (Alexis Loret) was enjoying a boating holiday with his wife and children when he suffered a swimming accident, pushing him into coma for long. Suddenly, when he woke up in a hospital, he saw his own lifeless body staring at him. Before he realized anything with an unstable mind, doctors gave him a shot to calm him down. Well, his consciousness was now inside a body of a cop named Sylvain Bernard (Arieh Worthalter), who was shot on the job. Now, Florian must hide his identity living as an officer with BATI, the anti-transfers unit.

“Transfers” with this plotline looks amazing and certainly so, as we see the sci-fi genre has been constantly bringing unique and fascinating ideas into screen. In this six-episode show, “Transfers” is very much fast-paced with not just science fiction elements into play but also humanistic drama, family and societal questions in terms of acceptance of such new scientific capability, and some philosophical questions about our body and soul.

The series also becomes interesting very quickly as we see people can have divided opinion with moral and political lines. We come across some moral questions – emerging with such achievements in modern science technology that could pass human consciousness from one body to another when the first is nearing its end or if the original body has some uncurable diseases. However, this also has its downside when the technology gets misused by people, who have committed any crime and hence want to hide their identity. Here comes, the anti-transfers taskforce BATI to counter any illegal transfer.

This thrilling series shows us how far modern technology and medical science can go in order to attain immortality. And if possible, how far we can defy the laws of the nature and how could we answer many such moral, philosophical questions? Should we just stick to the eternal idea of creation i.e. one body, one life – accepting the fact that only God has right to give us a body and a soul? Or should we go with modern science which wanted to go even further?

This series has won the International Press Jury Award for Best Actor and Best French-Language Series at the Series Mania.

Season 1 of “Transfers” has been a thrilling watch. The series from the very first episode does not take much time in introducing its character. Arieh Worthalter in the lead role is amazing in playing the dual personality. While it’s a usual cop thriller with its futuristic twist, it is also a family story with emotion and drama.   

Starring: Arieh Worthalter, Brune Renault, Toinette Laquiere, Steve Tientcheu, Pili Groyne, Patrick Descamps, Patrick Raynal, Juliette Plumecocq-Mech, Sébastien Chassagne, Alexis Loret, Aissatou Diop, Thierry Frémont.

Genres: Series, French TV Programmes, Crime Programmes, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Programmes

Creators: Patrick Benedek, Claude Scasso 

Release Year: 2017

The series “Transfers” (Transferts) is now streaming on Netflix with English subtitles. 



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